Connecting the data infrastructure with the DataFlow (Apache NiFi)

Connecting the data infrastructure with the DataFlow (Apache NiFi)

The need to integrate a swarm of systems has always been present in the history of IT, however with the advent of big data and the internet of things this has simply exploded. Through the explanation of several real life use cases in companies of all sizes, this talk will introduce you to Apache NiFi, a powerful and scalable system to process, transform and distribute data.

NiFi is an open source project from the Apache Foundation that works perfectly as mediation logic between systems and to perform most of your ETL requirements. This talk will show you how NiFi can be used by humans in BI, Data Science, Development and Operations teams to easily fulfill your data move requirements.

After this talk you will know where you can leverage NiFi, but also where you should not use it, in a nutshell you will add another tool in your belt to work on data integration problems.


Pere Urbón

June 13, 2018