Brain-Computer Interfaces - Science Fiction or Reality?

E8bb35e5d8c868e7dffcd9859248d6f1?s=47 Piotr Wittchen
November 20, 2018

Brain-Computer Interfaces - Science Fiction or Reality?

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device. It seems to be new technology, but it has its origins in 1924! Today, we have technologies, which lie on the border between biology and computer science like neuroprosthetics, electromyography and of course BCI. During the talk, we will start the journey through different brain imaging techniques, but in the end, we will focus on electroencephalography (EEG). BCI is no longer expensive technology available only in laboratories. Anyone can have an access to it. Such technology gives us the possibility to create human-computer interaction of the future. Additionally, we can develop communication interfaces for people with illnesses like LIS and it may be the only hope for them. During this talk, we will discuss not only a theory but also practical examples, available software and working pieces of code for the Android platform. If you care about transhumanism, you cannot neglect BCI.

This presentation was shown during the Øredev 2018 conference in Malmö, Sweden on 19th of November 2018.


Piotr Wittchen

November 20, 2018