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Flash Player, Flex, AIR - P2P Multicast Streaming

October 04, 2012

Flash Player, Flex, AIR - P2P Multicast Streaming


October 04, 2012

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  1. Disclaimer: • i'm not a guru! • one month of

    using 'technology' • my second public performance, be kind!
  2. Why bother? • open sourced SDK • DO NOT need

    Flash Builder, there is FlashDevelop or SDK tools • one code base for Android and iOS mobile apps thanks to AIR for mobile • easy way to add video streaming in most browsers through Flash Player
  3. Why bother? • P2P live stream multicasting • open sourced

    RTMFP Server for P2P rande- vous peer discovery • scalability thousands up to million of users! (not tested)
  4. W(here)TF is Python? Django is responsible for 'Interfejs WWW'. It's

    definitely best written piece of code from whole thesis!
  5. Links: • source code + thesis in latex & PDF

    at http: //github.com/lechup • public demo at http://facewithme.com, You can download APK for Android Contact: • [email protected]