Selenium and Fitnesse Integration

Selenium and Fitnesse Integration

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Presentation Abstract

Nowadays there has been a huge buzz of automation tools present in the market. Every tool has its own set of good features along with some loopholes or drawbacks.

So, the trend followed is to pick the best features out of various tools and integrate them in a single system to work according to the desired requirements and fulfill the goal of automation testing.

Case Study:
For developing Web (UI) and web services automation to perform functional and acceptance testing we needed to use open source tools. Our manual testers had to develop the automated tests so we had to pick the tool which they can easily use and develop automated tests. For web services testing we did not had option to use other tools like Soap UI.
We identified Selenium and Fitnesse as the automation tools that supported most of our requirements and the challenge was to integrate them.

• Integrating Selenium with Fitnesse.
• Preparing scenario library that is easy to use for manual testers in writing automated tests.
• Application deals with a hardware setup to automate scanned image exceptions.
• Web service testing using FitNesse

• To bridge Selenium and Fitnesse together we have used Selenesse.
• A scenario library with an example of the sample test in FitNesse wiki was added to help manual tester in writing automated tests.
• Prepared fixtures for reading scanned image exceptions and removing them.
Developed a service library in .Net for web services testing.

About the Author

Kafeel Ahmad (Author) has more than 5 years of experience in Software Testing & Automation Development. He is currently working as QA Analyst in Fiserv India Pvt. Ltd., Noida. His core competency is automation testing and focuses on other areas like performing feasibility analysis of different applications for automation, creating automation plans, continuous improvement in automation framework, quality control activities, automation knowledge sharing, leading & mentoring automation engineers within the organization. He is involved in development of automation frameworks and designing of framework architecture. He has good understanding of Software Testing process and has strong expertise on various automation tools like Coded UI, Selenium and QTP.