Testing is Dead - Long Live Testing

Testing is Dead - Long Live Testing

Presentation by Shrinivas Kulkarni, Plenary Keynote Speaker @STC 2012.

Presentation Abstract

For the last 2-3 years, the buzz making rounds is very disheartening to testers - it is about alleged death of testing. Riding on surge of Agile development model, emergence of likes of facebook, twitter and success of crowdsourcing etc – obituaries are being written about death of testing as we know it. One thing is catching up in software industry – whether software makers or consumers – that is “speed”. While, for software makers it is really do or die situation, software consumers cannot afford to relax and move with their own slow pace. With software and technology being integrated so intimately – their size, inertia and legacy practices are pulling them down. Testing in what ever form and shape – is valuable only when it aids speed, agility and helps organizations to be adaptable. Testing gets knocked off in one sense – slow, process heavy, brain dead testing is dying where as testing that goes hand in hand with development, that adapts to new changes of business, development models and helps organizations sustain and grow – lives on. This talk focuses on analyzing the subject of changing perceptions about testing and how need for speed is influencing the way testers are doing their work. But then, where does this death apply? Entire software industry or pockets within? Join me in understanding the worlds of software makers and software consumers - where and how testing is dead – if we agree it to be so.

Key Takeaways
1. Understand how testing practice is split into various flavors in software makers and Software consumer's world
2. Understand the triggers and conditions that are causing the shift in direction and emphasis on testing
3. How testers can re-position their skills in view the changes and what keeps them in the focus.
4. Understand how testing is taking rebirth and what we can do to align with its emerging form.

About Shrini

Shrini Kulkarni is a software tester and a lifetime student of the craft of software testing. In a career spanning over 14 years, Shrini played multiple roles covering entire spectrum of software lifecycle - specially the roles of Test Lead, Test Manager, Test consultant and Test Architect. Shrini is known in testing communities in the US, Europe and Indian subcontinent through his blog and conference presentations. Shrini has consulted several banking and financial services clients in improving software testing practice and solving testing related problems. In multiple engagements spanning wide range of technology platforms and business domains. Shrini holds a post graduate degree in mechanical engineering from Indian institute of technology, Chennai, India and has worked in organizations like i2 technologies, Aditi Technologies, Microsoft Hyderabad, iGATE, HCL Technologies and Barclays Technology center India.