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Client Side Reactive Programming Using RxJS

July 25, 2016

Client Side Reactive Programming Using RxJS


July 25, 2016

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  1. Current state of UIs • Extremely complex • Full of

    async events, client/server communication • UIs are always composed based on a state • State is hard to reason about
  2. User action UI Responds User action ….. Uses imperative programming

    Uses imperative programming UI Responds time (s)
  3. Caveats of IP • Isolates state from time • You

    don’t see the bigger picture • Mutable values
  4. Streams • Sequence of ongoing events ordered in time •

    Cheap, ubiquitous • Allow you to react to new data • Think event busses, typical click events, etc.
  5. When to use RxJS • Orchestrate event-based computations • Deal

    with async data • Complex UIs with lots of user interaction