Inspiring Women to Fall in Love with Programming.

Inspiring Women to Fall in Love with Programming.

By 2020 7 million jobs will disappear due to robotics and smart technology and only 2 million will be replaced with new jobs. This disproportionately affects women. In this talk I discuss why this is a problem and possible ways to combat it. Django Girls is an initiative to inspire more women to fall in love with programming and has been very successful. I want to exam how we can support and guide the women that are inspired by the Django Girls workshops with looking at 'What's Next?". Django Girls Seoul has started a code camp curriculum to go back to the basics with Python, Django, HTML, CSS and Git. We're always looking for contributions to help our community grow!


Rachell Calhoun

August 05, 2016


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  4. WEF January Report 2015 to 2020 : - 7.1 million

    jobs AI, robotics, 3D printing, and “smart” technology + 2 million jobs
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  7. Django Girls Seoul Workshop 1 October 2-3 2015

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