Mind map your app

Mind map your app

My talk from the NSBudapest meetup, held as part of Craft Conf 2018, on May 10th.

A version with presenter notes embedded is here: https://speakerdeck.com/radianttap/mind-map-your-app-with-notes

It's a short dive into a proper use of Coordinators and Layers architecture to really separate View Controllers into manageable, isolated units.


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    M I N D - M A P Y O

    U R A P P A l e k s a n d a r Va c i ć @radiantav C R A F T 2 0 1 8 · N S B u d a p e s t
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    App starts with an idea. A business plan would help

    too, but let’s not digress too much.
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    – M A R T I N F O W

    L E R “Architectural refactoring is hard, and we’re still ignorant of its full costs, but it isn’t impossible.” Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
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    O N I O N Your app needs to be

    an (Psst - I know this is garlic, but bear with me)
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    If you manage to separate all this, then you don’t

    need colored post-it notes. You can mind-map in code, no intermediary prototyping tools required. Code Mapping, enabled by…
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    L AY E R S A R C H I

    T E C T U R E
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    • Coordinator
 Swift implementation of Coordinator pattern, with several advanced

    features • Swift-Network
 Thin URLSession wrapper which allow seamless usage with Operation and OperationQueue • Swift-Essentials
 Various useful extensions, particularly AsyncOperation subclass of Operation github.com/radianttap
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    Aleksandar Vacić radianttap.com Follow me as @radiantav on Twitter. Read

    my iOS dev blog at aplus.rs. Use my open source stuff on GitHub.com/radianttap. Photos (from Unsplash) by • delfi de la Rua • Otto Norin • Mike Kenneally