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The DShell Pattern (DevOpsDays London 2019)

69172dc4e4cc3e4cdd234c40adf395fa?s=47 David McKay
September 27, 2019

The DShell Pattern (DevOpsDays London 2019)


David McKay

September 27, 2019


  1. The DShell Pattern DevOps Days London, 2019

  2. David McKay ➔ Developer Advocate for InfluxData ➔ Kubernetes Release

    Team ➔ Tweets @rawkode ★ Scottish ★ Lover of esoteric programming languages ★ Likes symmetry
  3. BREAKING NEWS Some* developers don’t want to use Docker *

    No developer with macOS wants to use Docker
  4. Docker is useful Encapsulated Dependencies Documented Build Process Deployable

  5. 3 Components Dockerfile Docker Compose Makefile

  6. Dockerfile Make it work for all environments

  7. Dockerfile FROM elixir:1.9-alpine AS base FROM base AS development RUN

    apk add --update vim git make FROM base AS build RUN make compile FROM base AS production COPY --from=build … ...
  8. Docker Compose Make it as (more) painful as possible (than

  9. dshell dshell: @docker-compose run \ --rm \ --service-ports \ --user

    $UID \ --use-aliases \ --entrypoint=ash \ myapp
  10. Encourage DShell Block Up service: myapp: entrypoint: sh command: echo

    Publish Service Ports --service-ports Override Entrypoint --entrypoint=ash
  11. UNPOPULAR OPINION DO NOT use compose syntax v3 in dev

  12. Best Practice Use Depends On depends_on: mongodb: condition: service_healthy 12-Factor

    env_file: .env env_file: - .env - .env.secret
  13. Makefile Unify Developers

  14. The Sausage .PHONY: dshell dclean up up: deps @mix run

    --no-halt compile: deps @mix compile
  15. up up: @npm run develop @mix test @FLASK_APP=hello flask run

  16. dclean! dclean: @docker-compose down --rmi=local -v

  17. Final API ❏ make dshell [host] ❏ make up [container]

    ❏ make test | deps | whatever [container] ❏ make dclean [host]
  18. Better Together We’re deploying Docker to production (I hope), so

    encourage (not force) it’s usage for local development; make it easy for people to dip their toe in.
  19. VSCode Remotes { "dockerComposeFile": [ "../docker-compose.yml", ], "service": "node", }

  20. Thank You ➔ Follow me on Twitter (@rawkode) ➔ At

    the InfluxData booth (I’ve got badges and stickers) ➔ Come speak to me about InfluxDB, Cloud Native, Monitoring, Docker, or Kubernetes