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An Introduction to Static Sites and AWS

An Introduction to Static Sites and AWS

This is a talk meant for new web developers which explains how to best deploy static websites using Amazon.

Specifically, I cover how to install and use the Amazon CLI tools to upload sites to Amazon S3 for fast, cheap hosting. I also cover how to use Amazon Cloudfront to speed sites up for everyone in the world.

Lastly, I also cover how to buy domains with DNSimple (the best registrar!)

Randall Degges

November 09, 2015

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  1. What’s a Dynamic Site? Server Show m e the site!

    Ok, here’s some HTML. Node.js Hey, give me the website! Someone wants it! Ok dude! Here’s the website.
  2. AS

  3. Server Wow this site is so fast! I’m going to

    tell all my friends about it.
  4. VS

  5. Server Wow. This site is slow. I hate this website.

    I hate all websites. I hate the internet.
  6. • How to host static websites on Amazon S3. •

    How to make really REALLY fast websites with Amazon Cloudfront. • How to buy and manage domain names and DNS. • How to deploy real sites like a boss with DNS. • Whatever else ya wanna know =)
  7. Setup the AWS CLI Tool $ brew install python $

    sudo pip install awscli $ aws configure default region: us-east-1
  8. $ aws s3 mb s3://resume.rdegges.com $ aws s3 website s3://resume.rdegges.com

    --index-document index.html $ aws s3 sync . s3://resume.rdegges.com --exclude '.git/*' --exclude 'Makefile' --acl public-read --delete
  9. In Depth www.mywebsite.com I’m in Los Angeles! DNS California Ireland

    China UK Hmm. This guy is in California. Let’s send him to the California servers!