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A presentation to the Canadian Cartographic Association's annual conference in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on May 28, 2015.

Peter Rukavina

May 27, 2015

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  1. What’s My Lot? An open web app that seeks to

 Prince Edward Island “township lot literacy” Peter Rukavina Hacker in Residence Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island
  2. I am an untrained cartographic hacker. “I know a little

    bit about a lot of things But I don’t know enough about you…” – Peggy Lee
  3. What’s My Lot? “Behind the Music”

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  7. Metadata Issues • Lot 50 was mislabelled as Lot 66.

    • Lot 66 was unlabelled. • Georgetown Royalty was mislabelled as Lot 73 • Princetown Royalty was missing.
  8. Complexity Issues • Very detailed map. • ESRI Shapefiles aren’t

    that useful for web apps. • Large file size (16.6 MB) for a web application.
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  17. GeoJSON Holland Map • 1.3 MB file size • Detailed

    enough for many applications. • JSON is the lingua franca of web applications. • Easy to use with Leaflet.
  18. var layer = L.geoJson(lots).addTo(map);

  19. Let’s Build an App! • My device (laptop, phone, tablet)

    can return my location. • All I need is a way of taking that location and finding out what township lot it’s inside…
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  21. WhatsMyLot.com

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  24. The lot (or royalty) that you’re in.

  25. How well your device did at locating you.

  26. Something about the lot you’re in.

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  28. A map

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  30. Help!

  31. Open Web Apps • HTML, CSS and JavaScript. • Can

    be run in any web browser, on any device. • Open source by their very nature. • Can be packaged up and distributed through “app stores” (iOS, Google Play, Amazon, Firefox).
  32. • Lot layer GeoJSON • Lot metadata as JSON •

    OpenStreetMap base layer • jQuery JavaScript library • jQuery Mobile framework • Leaflet JavaScript library • Leaflet Label library • Leaflet PIP library Web App Ingredients
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  34. In the wild… • Phones are good at returning an

    accurate location, but computers and tablets, especially in rural areas, are not. Hi, There seems to be a mistake in your "What's my Lot" section. I know this for a fact because I live in Lot 28, in the original Holland homestead, where Holland's wife and children lived on Tryon Point Road. Your app says I'm in Lot 17, when I know I'm in Lot 28.
  35. In the wild… • What about people using
 the app

    who aren’t on 
 Prince Edward Island? • Just tell them to come here!
  36. In the wild… • Should the app be able to

    be used to explore lots when you’re not standing inside them? • No! • You must be in a lot to learn about it. • It’s not a “reference tool,” it’s a “field tool.”
  37. In the wild… • My own “township lot literacy” has

    increased! • Swimming in the lots for 6 months has outfitted me with a new toolset that allows me to build other apps… • And to answer questions for myself using the data layers I’ve refined…
  38. The Confederation Trail passes 
 through 47 lots and 2

  39. I visited 52 lots and 2 royalties over the last

  40. What’s My Lot? Peter Rukavina prukavina@upei.ca http://hacker.vre.upei.ca/ Hacker in Residence

    Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island Presented to Canadian Cartographic Association, May 28, 2015 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island