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Disrupt HR: 70% of digital transformations fail, heres' why

Rene Morency
February 27, 2017

Disrupt HR: 70% of digital transformations fail, heres' why

Digital Transformation goes beyond Technology… it is also about transforming the Organisation. Introducing Agile People Ops

Rene Morency

February 27, 2017

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  2. 70% of Digital Transforma2ons fail @browserlondon

  3. Digital Transforma2on is an organisa2on’s journey to becoming a digital

    business @browserlondon
  4. Digital Transforma2on goes beyond Technology… It is also about transforming

    the Organisa2on
  5. Increase agility throughout the enterprise by… Strengthening business capability to

    respond to change at a rapid pace in order to… Navigate the future path of the business with higher confidence under condi;ons of: •  Vola;lity •  Uncertainty @browserlondon •  Complexity •  Ambiguity Goal of Digital Transforma2on
  6. 1. Adop;on of Lean and Agile Values & Prac;ces 2.

    Typically begins with Technology teams 3. Scales out to rest of organisa;on Core Founda2on of these capabili2es rest upon…
  7. Crea;ng the condi;ons for Lean & Agile values and prac;ces

    to thrive 1. Cultural mind shiKs and behaviours 2. Defining new structures 3. Lean Governance Removing Barriers across the organisa;on to their benefits @browserlondon Digital transforma2on involves…
  8. 1. HR needs a seat in the core digital transforma;on

    team 2. Build HR solu;ons that support and sustain Agile Workforce prac;ces 3. HR leaders to champion People aspect of transforma;on 4. Manifesto for Agile HR Development, Agile People Ops @browserlondon HR plays a key role in Digital transforma2on
  9. Agile People Ops @browserlondon Introducing….

  10. We are uncovering beWer ways of developing a workplace culture

    by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value: 1. Networked structure over ver;cal hierarchy 2. Transparency over secrecy 3. Adaptability over prescrip;veness 4. Delivering value to souls over jobs and roles 5. Intrinsic mo;va;on over extrinsic rewards 6. Ambi;on over obliga;on That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the leK more. @browserlondon Manifesto for Agile HR Development
  11. The role of leaders is to: 1. Define the vision

    and strategy 2. Monitor the bigger picture 3. Con;nuously recalibrate and priori;ze the strategy 4. Con;nuously adjust and adapt funding to meet changes What do Lean/Agile Workforce Prac2ces look like? @browserlondon
  12. What do Lean/Agile Workforce Prac2ces look like? Emphasis is on

    crea;ng and delivering value versus headcount, resourcing and cost
  13. @browserlondon What do Lean/Agile Workforce Prac2ces look like? People are

    organised into teams that are… …rather than by financial management structures •  Stable •  Cross-func;onal •  Self-organizing •  Cost centers •  Projects •  Matrix management
  14. What do Lean/Agile Workforce Prac2ces look like? People in organised

    teams: 1. Make the business and technology decisions to achieve goals 2. Are accountable for achieving them 3. Are strategically led, not directed 4. Are self-organizing under flat management structure 5. Freely collaborate with teams across all func;onal areas and not constrained by silos @browserlondon
  15. @browserlondon What do Lean/Agile Workforce Prac2ces look like? •  Flexibility

    to meet changing business need •  Year round forma;on of new teams possible through con;nuous business planning •  Teams have versa;lity to shiK to other products/value streams
  16. What HR Prac2ces needs to be adopted? •  Compensa;on &

    Benefits •  Role & Responsibili;es & Titles •  Career Development & Learning •  Performance Management •  Onboarding •  Talent Acquisi;on
  17. @browserlondon Agile Talent Acquisi2on •  Hire People over Paper • 

    Engage teams at center of hiring process •  Make teams primary decision makers as they hold the accountability for delivering value
  18. @browserlondon Agile Talent Acquisi2on •  Allow candidate to showcase ability

    thru “Live Immersion” with Agile team •  Experien;al Events •  Mul;-team Hackathons
  19. •  Candidates demonstrate their versa;lity and flexibility. How Full Stack

    are they? •  Teams pitch themselves to candidates •  Observe collabora;ve behavior and Team fit @browserlondon Agile Talent Acquisi2on
  20. The reason for DX failure… Here’s why 70% of transforma;ons

    fail (it’s not the technology) •  Delay, avoidance or failure will have a measurable impact in building the founda;on for a digital business •  Overly rigid workforce •  Underperforming teams •  Decreased value flow to customers •  Weaken capability to respond to change at a rapid pace @browserlondon
  21. How to avoid DX failure •  Make HR agile –

    adopt People Ops! •  Favour interac;on over transac;on •  Empowering teams @browserlondon
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