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Emojis | Part 4

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February 03, 2019

Emojis | Part 4

Emoji are small icons used to express an idea or emotion. Emotions are powerful, we all have them, but many struggle to express their feelings. We want to bring you to the deeper places of life, where to develop spiritually means to develop emotionally. To learn how we conduct ourselves in our thoughts and behaviour takes attention. It will be what we do with emotions that counts.

As much as the church cares for one another, we all hold personal responsibility for our inner private world. We need to tend, protect and deal with all emotional and spiritual aspects. Staying healthy and vibrant emotionally helps our outlook, awareness and empathy. All were highly displayed by Jesus and we want to conform into His likeness!

Essential to our Christian belief and growth is the cultivation of an inner life.



February 03, 2019


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