Channels, Revenue Streams, & Relationships

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April 09, 2013

Channels, Revenue Streams, & Relationships

Presented by Gahlord Dewald at RETSO Refocus



April 09, 2013


  1. Channels, Revenue Streams, and Relationships Gahlord Dewald Overview Intentional--Nick talked

    about it with krogers Matt talked about it in evaluating segments Jeff Turn talked about a gift for the customer Lets deliver it, make some money doing that, and make sure our relationships work.
  2. ---Timespot--- Ways of competing -resources and scale, positioning Being at

    the right place Being in the right time Flow v sink Tempo v position Dynamic v static Lets consider time as a lens while we look at these three blocks of the canvas
  3. --teach spot--- Channels are how we communicate what Jeff talked

    about. For example, search or social or branding or mobile We can use models to organize. The canvas included. Do they clarify? Do they predict? AIDA
  4. Reach Aquisition Conversion (satisfaction)

  5. Awareness-Evaluate-Purchase Deliver-Support $ BMG toolbox awareness Evaluate Purchase Deliver Support

  6. Customer decision journey from McKinsey Deals with repeat buying and

    customer advocacy ------time spot----- I live in Vt and we have microclimates. These models describe time for customers, Like seasons, or microseasons -----
  7. Lets talk data. But first some caveats. 4+1, five quarters

    spanning jan1 last year to last Sunday Nearly 13million visits, a little over 40 sites All real estate: agents, brokers, agent bolted to broker, real estate blogs I didnt personally inspect every installation Visits could be one person visiting 13 million times Not your site. Only you know what your data says. I'm human
  8. Phones Tablets Not "mobile" Device. Matt said this morning: Mind

    will only accept what the butt can endure Where's your butt: Hard chair, soft chair, no chair Quality of time?
  9. Social Not social Social v not social Think back to

    cdj Evaluate/advocate Assuming we arent adding noise to the system with irrelevant content
  10. Everything Else Branded Non-Branded Search Brand v Unbranded SEO v

    Everything else Time: where are they in terms of evaluation? Still looking for property or general topics? Or are they looking for us?
  11. ----teachspot--- Features of channels--the things we use to communicate what

    jeff talked about to our customers Owned vs partner (control, trust) Direct vs indirect (how many people are involved) Sales vs brand (short time v longer) -----Time----- Customer experiences it as before, during, after Using time as our focus we can use channels strategically We can adapt our sage to how the audience is using time.
  12. ----teaching spot Sooner or later the time comes when some

    money needs to change hands. Revenue streams. Features Fixed price vs dynamic price One time cost vs recurring The Long Subscription How does access to the thing we're selling work: sale, rent, subscription, license, and so on We can match these to specific customer segments--their mindsets, their reality. We can match to customer time
  13. ---focus spot---- Examples Talking with my friends rob hahn and

    matthew shadbolt as part of a podcast we do. Zillow and the seasonality of customers---rent, buying, diy projects Brokers that do rentals specifically as an entrance Email from a guy who, for buyers, wants to lock the commission on the eventual sale of their property... Trying to solve the long subscription.
  14. ---Time spot---- We can use time to compete by placing

    revenue streams in relation to the customer's time and also in relation to our competitors time.
  15. ---teaching spot--- Customer relationships Why bother?

  16. --time spot--- Business has a time as well. Your business

    grows and matures, changes. Relationships help you Acquire Retain Upsell
  17. ---teaching spot--- Categories: Personal services Self serve Group Plus--- Dedicated

    personal assistance (like an agent) Automated self serve Community plus gets more collaborative You learn more in plus.
  18. ---up close---- So we have models, data, examples, variables. How

    do we understand time for customers, channels, streams? How do we improve time knowing? How do we take all of this and discern the moment? It's easy...
  19. Many-sided implicit cross-references Many-sided implicit cross references Multiple perspectives: John

    boyd's pyramid story Built in...implicit... When what is not said carries as much meaning as what is said No one owns the view, prevents errors from mistakes and maliciousness Say "This isnt that hard, we can just use many sided implicit cross references"
  20. Which is true. Many sided implicit cross references is all

    of you--your experiences and understanding, being shared through knowing one another at events like RETSO. Not someone like me, delivering a broadcast message, alone, on a stage.
  21. Thanks Gahlord Dewald President/Janitor, Thoughtfaucet