Customer Segmentation

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April 04, 2013

Customer Segmentation

Presented by Matt Hames at RETSO Refocus



April 04, 2013


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  2. “You’re like, the coolest person in the room,” she said,

    walking out the door.
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  4. Why Start Here?

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  6. Common Questions • What are the most important segments? •

    Which segments have the greatest growth/declining potential? • Who influences the choices of each segment? • What problem do the segments need solving?
  7. Top 2 per Table

  8. Customer Development • Customer Discovery – Find out who the

    customer is – Determine if the problem you are solving is important to them • Customer Validation – Proves you have found a set of customers and a market who react positively to your offering – Builds a repeatable sales roadmap that can be followed later
  9. Customer Development – Steve Blank

  10. Theory of Diffusion of Innovation

  11. Mindset vs. Vertical

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  13. Top 2 per Table


  15. Outsourcer Optimizer •recognizes he needs a more holistic approach to

    his financial world •lacks the financial acumen to develop that plan himself •wants a growth plan tailored to his situation, needs, and goals, but looks for a low-cost, high-value solution •needs someone he can trust for advice, answers, and execution •As he's building professional success, he needs a partner to help him build financial success •comfortable tinkering with finances himself, so he plays an active role in building his plan and opportunistically looking for ways to improve it •relies upon various “experts” to verify and execute his strategy, especially after a negative experience in the recession •is looking to optimize and protect what he has successfully established •recognizes he needs a more comprehensive, practical solution (e.g. doesn’t interrupt ongoing operations) •company brings in $5-20M in net revenue per year, but his personal wealth and financial health is caught up in it •has a tight budget and needs a cost-effective solution •has a very limited amount of time to develop the financial acumen to build a plan himself, so he needs a single partner he can trust to act as his personal CFO •As he's building a successful business, he needs a partner to help him build financial success. Mindset Description Vertical Young Professional Small Business Owner Outsourcer High Net Worth What are some target segments?
  16. Internal vs. External

  17. How do you measure success?

  18. Top 2 per Table

  19. One Key Metric

  20. “There is only one boss. The Customer. And he can

    fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” - Sam Walton