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Kuali Days UK - June 19, 2014

Kuali Days UK - June 19, 2014

These are my slides on Kuali OLE for Kuali Days UK held at Birkbeck College, University of London on June 19, 2014.

Robert H. McDonald

June 19, 2014

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  1. Kuali  OLE  Project  Overview   Robert  H.  McDonald   Associate

     Dean  for  Library  Technologies-­‐Indiana  University   Director  Kuali  OLE  Community  Development   @mcdonald  |  [email protected]  |  @kualiole     Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014   1   http://ole.kuali.org
  2. Kuali  OLE  Project  Overview 3   Kuali  Days  UK  

    June  19,  2014   • What is Kuali OLE? • Who is Kuali OLE? • Why Kuali OLE? • What does Kuali OLE do? • How to get involved?
  3. What  is  Kuali  OLE? 5   Kuali  Days  UK  

    June  19,  2014   Kuali  OLE  (Open  Library  Environment)  is  a  community   source  next-­‐generaQon  library  management  system   developed  through  a  partnership  of  research  libraries   with  the  Andrew  W.  Mellon  FoundaQon.     OLE  is  a  next-­‐generaQon  library  system  meeQng  the  following   requirements:     •  Flexibility  in  design   •  Community  ownership  based  on  an  open  source  license   •  Service-­‐Oriented  Architecture  with  a  modular  framework   •  Enterprise-­‐level  integraQon   •  Efficiency  in  ability  meet  both  current  and  future  business  needs   •  Sustainability  in  design  to  allow  for  the  evoluQon  of  soZware,  hardware,  and   mission    
  4. Kuali  OLE  is  So9ware • Enterprise  Java  with   services  middleware

      • Built  to  integrate  &   interoperate   • A  pla]orm  for   development   • Designed  for  libraries  by   librarians!   • Web  services  APIs  
  5. Kuali  OLE  is  Community 8   Kuali  Days  UK  

    June  19,  2014   Kuali  OLE  (Open  Library  Environment)  is  also   an  open  partnership  among  academic  libraries   to  provide  for  our  evolving  needs.    
  6. Kuali  OLE  Organiza@on 9   Kuali  Days  UK   June

     19,  2014   Func<onality  &     Scope   Coordina<on   Development   Subject  MaEer  Experts   Vision  &  Resources   Kuali  OLE  Board   Func<onal  Council   Project  Manager   Select  &  Acquire   Describe   Deliver   System   Integra<on   Communica<ons   HTC  Coordinator   HTC  Global   Resources   Core  Team   Consultants   Community    
  7. Kuali  OLE  is  a  Solu@on •  For  developing  and  managing

     a  next   generaQon,  library  services  pla]orm   •  KOLE  is  building  to  meet  the  following   requirements:   •  Flexibility  in  design   •  Community  ownership  with  an   open  source  license  and  strong   vendor  support   •  Modular  Service-­‐Oriented   Architecture   •  Enterprise-­‐level  integraQon   •  Meet  current  and  future  business   needs   •  Sustainable  design  enabling  the   evoluQon  of  soZware,  hardware,   and  mission   • Java     • Cloud  Ready   • Full  replacement   of  current  ILS   • Flexible   Architecture   • Community   source   • Commercial   support   • Support  for   essenQal   workflow   • Choice  for   discovery  and   other  services   Integrated  &   Independent   Open  source   Enterprise   caliber   Works  for  today   &  tomorrow   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  8. IU  Libraries  Current  Systems 13   Kuali  Days  UK  

    June  19,  2014   Symphony   Cataloging/Auth   CirculaQon   Serials  Control   OPAC   Other   vendors   AcquisiQons   Course  Reserve/VRE   Special  CollecQons   Interlibrary  Loan   ALF  Storage   OPAC   Discovery   tools   Blacklight  (IUCat)   Ebsco  Discovery   Service  
  9. Kuali  OLE  at  Indiana  University  Libraries 14   Kuali  Days

     UK   June  19,  2014   OLE   Cataloging/Auth   CirculaQon   Serials  Control   AcquisiQons   Interface  to   Course  Reserve/ VRE   Special  CollecQons   Interlibrary  Loan   ALF  Storage   OPAC   Discovery   tools   Blacklight  (IUCat)   Ebsco  Discovery   Service  
  10. In  Transi@on:   The  Current  Library  Management  System  Landscape • 

    PercepQons  2013:  An  InternaQonal  Survey  of  Library  AutomaQon  –   Marshall  Breeding  hgp://www.librarytechnology.org/percepQons2013.pl     16   Systems  of  Libraries  Considering  Migra<on  2013   Voyager   Millennium   Horizon   Aleph     Virtua   Symphony   Evergreen   Polaris   Apollo   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  11. In  Transi@on:   The  New  Library  Management  System  Landscape • 

    PercepQons  2013:  An  InternaQonal  Survey  of  Library  AutomaQon  –   Marshall  Breeding  hgp://www.librarytechnology.org/percepQons2013.pl     17   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014   Candidate  Systems  Considered  for  2013   Alma   Intota   Sierra   WMS   Kuali  OLE   Koha   Evergreen   Symphony  
  12. KOLE  Func@onal  Architecture • Four  funcQonal  modules   • Overlapping  funcQonality  

    • IteraQve  and  maturing   capabiliQes   • Open  architecture  and   code   • Built  on  Kuali  enterprise   architecture   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  13. Func@onal  Architecture  –  Select  &  Acquire •  Select  &  Acquire

     –  hgp://www.kuali.org/ole/modules/select-­‐acquire-­‐enQty     Financial  Infrastructure   OLE-­‐FS   Selec<on   Pre-­‐orders  /  requisi<ons  and   Requests   Acquisi<ons   Purchasing,  Receiving,  Payments   Serials  Management   Print  and  Electronic   ERM   Licensing,  En<tlements   Bibliographic   Records   (OCLC  &  Vendors)   Enterprise   Systems   Vendors  &   Suppliers   GOKb   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  14. Instance   Func@onal  Architecture  –  Describe •  Describe  –  hgp://www.kuali.org/ole/modules/describe-­‐manage-­‐enQty

        Bibliographic   Holdings   Items   Discovery   Repor<ng   Delivery   Purchase  Order   Selec<on  &   Acquisi<ons   DocStore   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  15. Func@onal  Architecture  –  Delivery •  Deliver  –  hgp://www.kuali.org/ole/modules/deliver-­‐enQty    

    DocStore   Service  Interfaces   Z39.50   NCIP   Discovery   Systems   ILL   Consor<al   Borrowing   Self-­‐Service   Patrons   SRU   KOLE  APIs   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  16. Func@onal  Architecture  –  Systems  Integra@on •  Systems  IntegraQon  –  

    hgp://www.kuali.org/ole/modules/systems-­‐integraQon-­‐enQty     Kuali   OLE   Rice   KIM   KRMS   KRAD   SOLR   DocStore   Patrons   OLE  –  FS   Staff   Public   Discovery   Self-­‐Service   Resource  Sharing   Roles   Workflow   Faceted  Search   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  17. OLE  Release  1.5  Scope •  Completed  by  the  FuncQonal  Council

     at   Kuali  Days  2013   •  Focus  is  on  the  Early  Adopter  Release   •  Packaged  and  released  for  2-­‐July   •  Select  and  Acquire   •  E-­‐Resource  renew,  copy,  cancel,  and   link  to  other  documents   •  Serial  renewals   •  Budget  snapshots   •  Describe  and  Manage   •  Cloning  exisQng  records   •  Global  changes  to  OLE  Instances  (Item   &  Holding  records)   •  Cataloging  analyQcs   •  Clickable  URLs   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  18. OLE  Release  1.5  Scope •  Deliver   •  CirculaQon  standards:

     SIP/SIP2/RFID   •  Enhance  patron  and  item  checkout  notes   •  CirculaQon  calendar   •  Enhancements  on  account  blocks  and   requests   •  System  IntegraQon   •  User  interface  improvements   •  Search  framework  across  modules   •  CompaQbility  with  storage  facility   retrieval  system   •  ImplementaQon  Tools   •  ReporQng  tools   •  DistribuQon  packaging   •  Framework  for  training  development   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  19. OLE  Release  2.0  Scope •  Completed  by  FuncQonal  Council  at

     KCW   2014   •  Focus  on  General  Release   •  Package  and  release  for  1st  Quarter  2015   •  Select  and  Acquire   •  Electronic  resources  management   •  Track  pla]orms,  subscripQons,  and   vendors/organizaQons   •  IniQal  GOKb  integraQon   •  Triggers/alerts  for  future  acQons   •  Fiscal  year  rollover   •  System  IntegraQon   •  ImplementaQon  loaders   •  Middleware  upgrades   •  ImplementaQon  DocumentaQon!!!   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  20. Kuali  OLE  Partnership  Implementa@on  Timeline 31   Implementa)on  Path  for

     OLE  Partners   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  21. Kuali  OLE:  How  to  Par@cipate „ Join  the  KOLE  Community!  

    „ Be  an  adopter!   „ Be  a  Subject  Mager   Expert!   „ Be  a  developer!   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014  
  22. Characteris@cs  of  Kuali  OLE  Organiza@onal  Fit Technical  ExperQse   CollaboraQve

      Community   Open  SoZware  –   Commercial  Support   Code  Contributors   Code  Implementers   34   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014   • Build   •  AcQve  contributors  to  code  base   •  Significant  development   resources  in  house   • Borrow   •  Capability  to  adopt  and   implement  open  source  soZware   •  Some  development  resources  in   house   • Buy   •  OrganizaQonal  requirement  to   purchase  commercial  soZware  or   soZware  with  commercial   support   •  Development    and  hosQng   suppor]or  OLE    available  via  KCA   Commercial  Affiliates  (HTC  Global,   Vivantech)  
  23. Kuali  OLE  Deployment  Op@ons 36   Kuali  Days  UK  

    June  19,  2014   OLE  Hosted  OpQon   • Using  one  of  our  two  KCAs  insQtuQons  will  opt  for  a  contract   that  supports  complete  implementaQon  -­‐  analysis,  installaQon,   migraQon,  configuraQon,  maintenance  &  support  of  Kuali  OLE.   OLE  Local  OpQon   • Using  local  resources  an  insQtuQon  will  implement  Kuali  OLE  on   local  or  private  cloud  infrastructure  and  would  rely  on  the  Kuali   OLE  community  for  support  and  enhancement.   OLE  Hybrid  OpQon   • Select  your  competencies  for  local  migraQon  and   implementaQon  and  out-­‐source  criQcal  areas  of  deployment  or   migraQon,  to  leverage  your  resources  and  manage  costs  using   commodity  priced  cloud  infrastructure.  
  24. OLE  Development  Direc@ons • ConsorQal  &  federated  support   • Record  ownership

      • MulQple  charts  of  account   • Work  units   • Distribute  training  &   demonstraQon  database   • Full  ERM  funcQons  &  GOKb   bidirecQonal  integraQon   • Code  contribuQon  governance   &  management   • DocumentaQon  portal   • Cloud  implementaQons  
  25. For more on Kuali OLE: Visit our website: http://ole.kuali.org See

    our Test-Drive - http://kuali.org/test-drives Visit GOKb: http://www.gokb.org Follow us on Twitter: @kualiole Read our Blog at: http://kualiole.tumblr.com Follow us on Ohloh - https://www.ohloh.net/p/kole Contact me at: [email protected] Or Twitter at: @mcdonald   Kuali  Days  UK   June  19,  2014   38