Cognosis Capabilities - Competitive Intelligence

Cognosis Capabilities - Competitive Intelligence

An overview of our key offerings in competitive strategy. If you think there's something useful there, please do let us know!


Richard Angus

July 14, 2016


  1. Competitive Strategy: An overview of Cognosis capability

  2. Contents 1. Introducing Cognosis 2. Competitive Strategy Capabilities

  3. Cognosis Offering Introducing Cognosis 3 Reinvent & Ignite Strategy Leadership

    Make it happen Our purpose is to help clients Reinvent and Ignite Growth in their business
  4. Our Services Introducing Cognosis 4 Strategy Leadership Make it happen

    Strategy Development Strategy development for business, function, portfolio and brand Opportunity Identification Quantitative ‘size of prize’ analysis, opportunity assessment and prioritisation Competitive Strategy Competitive Strategy and War Gaming Strategy Process Helping strategy teams build and embed strategy process (from 1 year commercials to 10 year horizon scan) Leadership Development Programmes that build, leadership skills and capability with a focus on delivering your strategy in the real world Leadership Events Breakthrough leadership events and strategy engagement for top 20 to 200 Board Effectiveness Helping boards and functional leadership teams to define, ways of working, clear priorities and alignment Brand Growth Models Proven tools and methodology that helps teams turn brand and portfolio strategy into optimised growth Strategy Planning Supporting leadership teams in translating strategic goals and ideas into clear future pathed plans Innovation commercialisation Helping teams translate innovation ideas into robust commercial propositions fast
  5. Contents 1. Introducing Cognosis 2. Competitive Strategy Capabilities

  6. Competitive Strategy: Our Services Competitive Strategy Capabilities 6 Executive Insight

    Identifying, approaching and interviewing specific experts and executives who have recently left your competitor target. Gaining real and deep insight into a competitors strategy, approach and culture. Scenario Planning Working closely with leader teams to identify possible future scenarios, quantify their impact and create flexible strategic plans to maximise future opportunities and minimise risks. Used to test existing or new strategy, or for tackling competitors. War-Gaming Disrupting Leadership teams assumptions by walking in the shoes of competitors, modelling out likely competitor moves and then assessing implications for your own strategy and priorities. Capability Benchmarking Benchmarking of a function or capability area against a competitive set (both in category and beyond) to understand how you stack up. Identifying capability gaps, strengths, weakness and most importantly implications for the business and team. Strategy Deep Dives In depth competitor strategy assessments. Taking a wealth of data points, uncovered insight and building it into a detailed, coherent and accessible view of the competitor’s strategy.
  7. Competitive Strategy: Why are we different? Competitive Strategy Capabilities 7

    1. Powerfully immersing leader teams, using compelling research & data and workshops to engage them in the challenge presented. This is critical to drive real belief in a new strategy. 2. Rapidly prototyping solutions, over a set number of days, using solid intelligence to bypass endless project management, leadership alignment checks and unnecessary resource wastage. 3. Radically collaborating with cross-functional teams, external stakeholders and partners to transform competitive intelligence into actionable plans quickly & effectively. 1 We go beyond just great insight and analysis by: We know that even the most critical competitive intelligence often struggles to get out of the board’s inbox. Crucially, this research doesn’t get the airtime it needs, too often resulting in little or no action. “Cognosis brought a unique combination of robust insight, disruptive process and challenging facilitation to bring significant new insight to our strategy” Head of Strategy for a major international fashion brand
  8. Competitive Strategy: Who do we work with? Competitive Strategy Capabilities

    8 For Brewers of Europe we created 4 long-term future scenarios. Four different realities about how the Beer market may develop given changing customer and consumer perceptions, competitor landscape, regulation and taxation. The scenarios were then used to challenge and build the Brewers of Europe’s current strategic plan ensuring it was fit for future and strategically robust. Approach that analysed competitor positions in market and identified the top 3 ‘Must Win Battle Grounds’. The ‘Battle Grounds’ formed the basis of competitor war gaming sessions. The output from these sessions included 3 strategy types: 1. Offensive (attacks we will make) 2. Defensive (defensive plays we need to plan) 3. Reactive (areas we need contingency plans for). These outputs formed the back bone of the annual strategic planning process. Cognosis completed a deep dive on successful competitor launches and brand development in Asian markets. Exploring how European competitors had developed the right business model, team, product range, in-store activation and investment approach to make a success of launching in Asia. The analysis underpinned Clark’s successful Asian growth strategy, driving key changes in business model and route to market. Designed and facilitated a competitor war gaming approach with Red Bull Russia to provide tangible strategic plans for tackling competitors in the near and longer term; we worked with client team to achieve alignment on key battlegrounds, provided clear scenario plans for each battle ground and clarity on impact to strategy. Diageo’s dominant position in the Kenyan market was about to be challenged by SAB who were preparing to launch. We worked with the executive team to explore how SAB would approach launch and build a comprehensive defence and disrupt plan. The programme built a clear strategy and implementation plan that had both executive team and regional commitment. The plan secured additional resource and underpinned a successful defence of one of Diageo’s key African markets. Cognosis completed a competitor deep dive on a new entrant tom the UK paint market, drawing on a myriad of sources to build an incredibly in depth view of the competitors strategy. This led into a 2 day competitor war –gaming session with the board that resulted in significant change to the UK strategy. The change to strategy significantly slowed the new entrants growth.