Android Architecture Components - A Testable Approach to Android Development

Android Architecture Components - A Testable Approach to Android Development

Developing Android Apps has notoriously been a difficult task. Previously, Google refrained from giving advice as to how you should go about architecting your Android applications and it has been “left it up to the reader” to decide how. This lead to apps having a lot of bloat in their activities and being really difficult to test. This has now changed since Google I/O 2017 where the new Android Architecture components were introduced. The libraries aim to make developing and maintaining your Android apps a lot easier. In this presentation, Rebecca will present the components and dive into detail around the different types of tests you should write (and where) for your newly architected Android application.

Rebecca Franks is an Android Engineer at Over, currently building the Android version of the already popular photo editing iOS app. She is a Google Developer Expert for Android and she enjoys public speaking by frequently speaking at conferences and local meetups. Her blog has been featured multiple times on Android Weekly and she loves travelling the world.


Rebecca Franks

March 27, 2018