Learning Kotlin - An Android Developers Journey

Learning Kotlin - An Android Developers Journey

This presentation was presented at the Kotlin Johannesburg meetup.

Learning a new programming language is a daunting thought. It is not an overnight accomplishment, where the next day you are suddenly well versed in the new language. Rebecca is in the process of learning Kotlin. She has often felt like the biggest imposter trying to learn this new language that is growing in popularity. She has had thoughts like: “But there are so many experts out there, I’ll never know as much as them.”, “How can I start writing Kotlin when I don’t know all the features there are in the language?”. The biggest lesson she has learned about learning Kotlin is to just write it. In this talk, she will cover some of the nifty features she has explored in Kotlin, as well as the many different ways she has gone about trying to learn this new language, slowly overcoming her imposter syndrome whilst writing Kotlin code.

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Rebecca Franks

February 28, 2018