Efficient Async Coding in Kotlin Coroutines

Efficient Async Coding in Kotlin Coroutines

Presented in #DevFestAhm #DevFest18 #DevFestIndia
Working with asynchronous code is difficult especially for Android Developers which ultimately leads to callback hell. The only way out is using Rx, but again Rx has a really steep learning curve, and forces reactive style on the developers, whether you like it or not, the problem with Rx is that, most beginners in Rx tends to mix reactive style with imperative style which causes bugs and loopholes and also debugging Rx is almost a nightmare.
Most Android developers are using Kotlin nowadays, it has many fantastic features, Coroutines being most notable among them, moreover they're stable now.
This talk would cover:
- Co-routines Generator API Example (for explaining suspension)
- How and where to create Coroutine Scopes, and how to manage them
- How to make API calls just by using co-routines and Kotlin URL extension functions
- How to use co-routines with popular REST client Retrofit.


Rivu Chakraborty

November 25, 2018