ATM Fraud detection with Kafka and KSQL

2bded62396ea66c84bd10e91c718dea9?s=47 Robin Moffatt
December 10, 2018

ATM Fraud detection with Kafka and KSQL

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Detecting fraudulent activity in real time can save a business significant amounts of money, but has traditionally been an area requiring a lot of complex programming and frameworks, particularly at scale. Using KSQL, it's possible to use just SQL to build scalable real-time applications.

In this talk, we'll look at what KSQL is, and how its ability to join streams of events can be used to detect possibly fraudulent activity based on a stream of ATM transactions. We'll also see how easy it is to integrate Kafka with other systems—both upstream and downstream—using Kafka Connect to stream from a database into Kafka, and from Kafka into Elasticsearch.


Robin Moffatt

December 10, 2018