Biz Dev: Do any of us know what we are doing?

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February 06, 2020

Biz Dev: Do any of us know what we are doing?

"If we do great work, people will line up to work with us." I can’t believe how long I believed this. After over a decade of running Sparkbox, I’ve learned how wrong I was. Make no mistake, great work helps, but it is merely the entry fee. Filling the pipeline at scale with the right leads requires so much more than just having great work in your portfolio.

Finding enough sustainable work is often one of the hardest tasks in running a web studio. We all believe that there is plenty of work available, but how do we strike a balance between having enough and having the right work?

Join me to have an honest discussion of what works in business development and, more importantly, what doesn't. I’ll share my lessons learned, balanced with attendee insights, to have honest discussions so we can all be better at the hard work of finding great work. Come prepared to share, discuss, and learn.



February 06, 2020