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EuroPython 2013: newcoder.io

EuroPython 2013: newcoder.io

Many want to learn to code, and many choose Python as a first language. You direct them to Learn Python the Hard Way, or Dive into Python. Great! But now what? I will present 5 digestible projects to gradually progress the Python learner from near drowning to a decent swimmer. The goal is to have new coders feeling accomplished and to continuing learning.

Lynn Root

July 02, 2013

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  1. 5 life jackets to throw to the new coder or

    Swım Sink Tuesday, July 2, 13
  2. River Bar, 2013 Red Hat | @roguelynn | roguelynn.com LYNN

    ROOT lifeguard on duty: Tuesday, July 2, 13
  3. “it takes about 10 years to turn a novice into

    an expert programmer” Tuesday, July 2, 13
  4. We’re less likely to develop an advanced understanding of what

    we are trying to master, Tuesday, July 2, 13
  5. than if we were searching for an underlying meaning, trying

    to integrate the newly-learned concepts into what we already know. Tuesday, July 2, 13
  6. “Knowledge is actively constructed by the student, not passively absorbed

    from textbooks and lectures.” Tuesday, July 2, 13