OK NTU, let’s cast e-vote!

OK NTU, let’s cast e-vote!

Dated earlier than the country’s own presidential election, general election of National Taiwan University Student Association has always been an highly-examined, yet strongly-influencing force to the islands’ democracy. Poren (a.k.a. RS) and his friends in NTUOSC helped implementing and operated a trustable electronic vote system on a campus of 30,000 students; he’ll be summarizing technical decisions and court battles throughout 6 years of adaptation, and point out potential caveats when introducing such system on a larger scale.

Talk @ g0v summit 2018.
Further information: https://summit.g0v.tw/2018/agenda/recqfasll9wmLIaY7/ok-ntu--let-s-cast-e-vote


Poren Chiang

October 06, 2018