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Digital Government Landscape in Taiwan: Schnitzels, Whistles, Unicorns

Poren Chiang
November 16, 2022

Digital Government Landscape in Taiwan: Schnitzels, Whistles, Unicorns

Keynote speech @ 2nd CamIDF, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Poren Chiang

November 16, 2022

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  1. Digital Government Landscape in Taiwan Schnitzels, Whistles, Unicorns 2022/11/16 Poren

    Chiang @ 2nd CamIDF, CC BY-SA 4.0
  2. Poren Chiang [email protected] / @RSChiang on Twitter Feel free to

    reach out! Research Assistant, IIAS
 LL.M., UCLA Law Photo by 松鼠 @ g0v Flickr, CC BY 2.0
  3. Source: Taiwan E-Governance Research Center.

  4. Source: Ministry of Digital Affairs.

  5. Source: Ministry of Digital Affairs.

  6. e-Government in Taiwan introduce network infrastructure self-service portal & online

    registries integrating systems between agencies
  7. e-Government in Taiwan introduce network infrastructure self-service portal & online

    registries integrating systems between agencies “computerize” Web 2.0 / e-Gov? Smart-Gov?
  8. https://law.moj.gov.tw/ENG/LawClass/LawAll.aspx?pcode=I0050021

  9. • Enacted in 1995 as the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection

    Act before the 2002 amendment generalized its application. • Nonwaivable rights to request to inspect, copy, amend, delete, or stop collecting personal data for individuals. • Requires disclosure of collected data categories. • Enact civil liabilities for data misuse and/or breach. Personal Data Protection Act
  10. • Governmental access of personal information weren’t finely regulated; creating

    over-broad license and general confusion within the bureaucracy. • Consent model without finite time and/or granular control over collected data categories enabled data collectors to basically “ask once, use forever.” • Lack of data protection agency. • Burden of proof is high for data breach lawsuits. Personal Data Protection Act
  11. None
  12. • Copyright Act along with Open Government Data License released

    a lot of public sector statistics and publications to public domain for general use. • Active demands from private sector and citizens pushed for more live APIs; e.g., Transport Data eXchange. • Data quality issue exists as agencies with lesser interest data try to meet internal open data goals by uploading raw spreadsheets or empty-shell document with single hyperlink pointing to their website. Challenges on Open Data
  13. https://data.gov.tw/en/licenses

  14. https://data.gov.tw/dataset/33312 Ministry of Transportation Open Data Concrete Action Strategy (2019–2021)

  15. https://mydata.nat.gov.tw/

  16. 2021 T-Road Maintenance Contract CFP, National Development Council. T-Road Network

    (GSN VPN) Connects data from agencies nationwide Labor Insurance NHI Enrollment Record Household Registration Built by Nat’l Dev. Council Agency Sandbox T-Road Mgmt Plat. Govt Data Transport Plat. Web Portal (Centralized listing) Svc. Lookup Impl. Flow Downloads Agency Citizen
  17. • MyData provides the necessary service for private companies to

    ask for personal data directly from the government. • T-Road enables personal data sharing between different data-controlling agencies. • Neither of them addressed the fundamental issues in PDPA. • Weak audit mechanism may lead to accountability problems. MyData & T-Road
  18. https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aipl/202012090107.aspx Digital ID Card Full Rollout in July 2021 MOICA

    Integration Available NHI Card Driver License Interopable Info printed: Name, ID#, date of birth, marriage status, photo, renewal due Spouse, parent names, residential address are stored in chip, requires consent to read
  19. • RFID-enabled, per-zone encrypted smart card set to begin issuance

    in 2020. • Original plan to integrate with NHI card cancelled; optional integration with MOICA still available. • Civil outcry postponed the actual rollout. • Legal basis: None* • No legal means to stop private sectors from misusing ID number or e-ID itself. e-ID in Taiwan
  20. Source: Ministry of Digital Affairs.

  21. Digital Government ≠ (just) make websites or apps ≠ trending

    tech, e.g., blockchains
  22. • Data Governance is the upfront issue of meaningful digital

    government adoption → Minimal, only-once, accountable collection • Quality digital service builds on good government service → Infrastructure investment improves digital experience → Transparent, open data empowers citizens and domestic software industry alike Rolling on
  23. Bells and whistles Rainbows and unicorns

  24. None
  25. Thanks! 2022/11/16 Poren Chiang @ 2nd CamIDF, CC BY-SA 4.0