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Handling Ocean/Met/Hydro Model Output

Handling Ocean/Met/Hydro Model Output

SciPy 2017 Birds of a Feather


Rich Signell

July 13, 2017

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  1. Handling Ocean/Met/Hydro Model Output Rich Signell and Andrew Yan, USGS,

    USA Bert Jagers, Deltares, Netherlands Richard Hattersley and Phil Elson, British Met Office, UK Chris Barker and Jay Hennen, NOAA, USA Filipe Fernandes, SECOORA/IOOS, Brazil Kyle Wilcox, Axiom Data Science, USA SciPy 2017 Birds of a Feather
  2. Glider Comparison with nc_genslice.m

  3. None
  4. sci-wms supports UGRID/SGRID

  5. ncWMS2 supports UGRID/SGRID