Building Bridges with Effective Devops

Building Bridges with Effective Devops

Keynote presented at devopsdays Amsterdam


Ryn Daniels

June 29, 2017


  1. Ryn Daniels - @rynchantress Building bridges with effective devops devopsdays

    Amsterdam 2017
  2. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Ryn Daniels
 @rynchantress Temporarily Unemployed Ops Witch

  3. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress The “mid-career” point, by which 56% of

    women have left the tech industry (Hewlett et al., 2008) 10 years
  4. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Who are we including?

  5. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress

  6. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Workload Control Rewards Fairness Values Community {

    Disconnection of (Dr. Christina Maslach, 2000)
  7. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Workload Control Rewards Fairness Values Community {

    Disconnection of Industry Self
  8. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Disconnection -> Burnout Lack of efficacy -

    Increased cynicism - Exhaustion
  9. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Connection -> Engagement Effectiveness - Optimism -

  10. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Devops is about Creating Connections

  11. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress The Four Pillars of Effective Devops

  12. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Collaboration

  13. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Individual people working together, with shared interactions

    and input, building towards a common goal. Collaboration
  14. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Affinity

  15. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Building inter-team relationships, empathy, and trust in

    support of shared organizational and business goals. Affinity
  16. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Tools

  17. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Accelerators of culture that, if used effectively,

    can enhance and support a culture of collaboration and affinity. Tools
  18. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Tools will not fix a broken culture.

  19. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Scaling

  20. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Applying the considerations of collaboration, affinity, and

    tooling throughout the various inflection points of an organization’s lifecycle. Scaling
  21. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress The Four Pillars of Effective Devops Creating

  22. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress How can we more effectively CreatE connections?

  23. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Bootcamps

  24. devopsdays ams @rynchantress •New employees working on other (related) teams

    when they start •1-6 weeks, 1-3 different teams •Learning about and contributing to other teams •Building relationships, understanding, and empathy Bootcamps
  25. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Yearly rotations

  26. devopsdays ams @rynchantress •Current employees can work on other engineering

    teams once a year •Month-long projects •More meaningful relationships, contributions, and understanding •Greater engagement and retention Yearly rotations
  27. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress inter-team relationships

  28. devopsdays ams @rynchantress •Dedicated - Dedicated to work 100% on

    a given team/project •Designated - Designated point of contact (with other responsibilities) •Embedded - Working as a full member of a given team inter-team relationships
  29. devopsdays ams @rynchantress •Proactive identification and completion of relevant work

    •Increased shared understanding/domain knowledge - both ways •Increased visibility and communication between teams •Greater collaboration and empathy between people inter-team relationships
  30. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress transparent culture

  31. devopsdays ams @rynchantress •Open planning meetings •Open architecture/operability reviews •Open

    post-mortems •Open email lists/Slack channels transparent culture
  32. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress entire business Connecting the

  33. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Support rotations

  34. devopsdays ams @rynchantress •Engineers spend time working on customer support

    •A few hours to a day (quarterly) •Help out with basic tasks •Grow understanding of other parts of the business (and customers!) Support rotations
  35. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress shared tools and processes

  36. devopsdays ams @rynchantress •Shared chat systems •Shared ticketing/work tracking tools

    •Shared (decision-making, documentation, post- mortem, etc) processes shared tools and processes
  37. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Focus on the customers

  38. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Empathy allows software makers and operators to

    help each other deliver the best possible functionality and operability on behalf of their customers. Jeff Sussna, Empathy: The Essence of Devops, 2014
  39. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Empathy allows organizations to help each other

    deliver the best possible solutions on behalf of their customers. Me, 2017
  40. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Dev/Ops

  41. devopsdays ams @rynchantress eng/non-eng

  42. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Create connections throughout the entire organization

  43. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Create connections to build an inclusive industry

  44. devopsdays ams @rynchantress It’s easy to say that inclusivity isn’t

    a problem when you’re already being included.
  45. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Empathy allows people to help each other

    create the most inclusive industry on behalf of everyone working in it. Me, also 2017
  46. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Difference must be not merely tolerated, but

    seen as a fund of necessary polarities between which our creativity can spark like a dialectic. Audre Lorde
  47. devopsdays ams @rynchantress Use differences to enhance creativity

  48. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress What problems are we solving?

  49. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Technology is a means to an end.

    Solving problems is the end goal.
  50. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Devops creates Effective organizations by building bridges

    Between Teams
  51. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Devops creates Effective solutions by building bridges

    Between People
  52. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress devops uses empathy to create and enhance

    connections between us
  53. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Be inclusive. Break down silos. Build bridges.

  54. Devopsdays AMS @rynchantress Thank you!