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Review is DEAD

8db3c91c8b3d3e5686f62fbf43c303dd?s=47 Tatsuya Sato
November 05, 2014

Review is DEAD



Tatsuya Sato

November 05, 2014


  1. Review is DEAD Tatsuya “Botcher” Sato

  2. Who I am • Tatsuya “Botcher” Sato • @sato_ryu •

    Rubyist & Scrum Master
  3. Botcher? ʲ໊ʳ ʪӳʫ΁΅৬ਓɺमཧͷԼखͳਓ

  4. NO

  5. ʲ໊ʳ΅ͬͪͳਓ

  6. Review is Evil ϨϏϡʔ͸ѱ

  7. Evil Reviews

  8. Evil Reviews Code Review Specification Review Design Review

  9. Review as a Gate

  10. When the evils appear Specification Design Code

  11. When the evils appear Specification Design Code Review Review Review

  12. When the evils appear Specification Design Code Review Review Review

    • Each Review stops the progress. • Each Review makes us go back to the beginning.
  13. “The GateKeeper” Reviewer

  14. “The GateKeeper” Reviewer • “Reviewer” vs “Reviewee” • Reviewer believes

    s/he SHOULD point out anything as possible. • Review makes UNWISHED WARS.
  15. Diversity of Background

  16. Diversity of Background • Pros • Diversity of view points

    • Cons • Need communications for CONSENSUS.
  17. All Reviews Should be Passed

  18. Wastes much time…

  19. –Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_hell “development hell is a state during which a

    film or other project remains in development without progressing to production.”
  20. Review is Evil ϨϏϡʔ͸ѱ

  21. ॾ܅ɺ ඞཁͳ͜ͱ͸ Կ͔ʁ

  22. Consensus

  23. Consensus • σϓϩΠͯ͠΋ྑ͍ͱ͍͏߹ҙ • ίʔυʹࣗ৴Λ࣋ͯΔͱ͍͏߹ҙ

  24. Review is DEAD?

  25. Review is still Alive ϨϏϡʔ͸ੜ͖͍ͯΔɻ

  26. Code Review is alive

  27. Discovery increases over phases Specification Design Code Discovery

  28. Code Review is still alive • Two passback do NOT

    make sense. • But pass back from Code Review has emergency but valuable Specification Design Code Review Review Review
  29. How? Ͳ͏΍Δͷ͔ʁ

  30. Backlog Refinement

  31. Backlog Refinement • The process through which product backlog items

    are reviewed by the Scrum team and revised, providing more detail and ensuring that there is greater clarity in the requirements for that item.
  32. Collaborative or Not? Specification Design Code

  33. Discuss all members not only developers, involve a product owner.

  34. –ɹBABYMETAL “ΠδϝɺμϝɺθολΠ” ΑΓ “ΠδϝɺμϝɺθολΠ”