Go as a Tooling Language for the Cloud

Go as a Tooling Language for the Cloud

There is ‚as Code’ for everything! We use CloudFormation or Terraform for Infrastructure as Code, various different file formats for Pipeline as Code and of course describe our application definitions as code with Helm Charts. Usually lots of copy’n paste and bash script is necessary to spin up another environment for your application. With Go you have the ease of using just your command line combined with the power of a strongly typed language with official libraries for nearly every cloud service you can think of. The only requirement to start developing is your favorite text editor and the Go compiler. In this talk you will learn how to use the programming language most of your favorite cloud tools are made of, to write small and easy to use customized command line tools. We will take a look at Go and its built-in features like the templating engine, concurrency and static compilation to do repetitive tasks much more efficiently and less error prone.


Jannis Schaefer

March 12, 2019