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Localization Beyond Translation in E-Commerce Plugins

Localization Beyond Translation in E-Commerce Plugins

Shohei Tanaka

May 11, 2019

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  2. Hello! I am Shohei Tanaka I am here because I

    love to give presentations. You can find me at @tshowhey 3
  3. Product in e-commerce ( English ) goods merchandise or possessions.

    merchandise goods to be bought and sold. article of commerce an article that is offered for sale. 7 services the action of helping or doing work for someone.
  4. 商品 in e-commerce ( Japanese ) 製品・ 生産品 ・ 物品

    ・ 品もの プロダクト ・ 生産物・商売物 サービス 8
  5. Using filter hook 'gettext' 9 add_filter('gettext', 'change_admin_cpt_text_filter', 20, 3); function

    change_admin_cpt_text_filter( $translated_text, $untranslated_text, $domain ){ switch ($untranslated_text) { case 'Pending'://Original text of the word you want to change $translated_text = '保留';//Text after change break; case 'Pending Review': $translated_text = '保留'; break; case 'Save as Pending': $translated_text = '保留する'; break; } return $translated_text; }
  6. Address and Name in e-commerce 11 Shohei Tanaka 1-14-1 Urban

    Heights#501, TAMAGAWA, SETAGAYA-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, 158-0094 USA 〒158-0094 TOKYO SETAGAYA-KU, TAMAGAWA, 1-14-1 Urban Heights#501 Tanaka Shohei JAPAN Japan
  7. Cash on Delivery 代金引換( Daibiki ) the system of paying

    for goods when they are delivered. In Japan, by Cash not Postal money order. 14