Practical Core Bluetooth in IoT & Wearable projects

Practical Core Bluetooth in IoT & Wearable projects

In recent years, "IoT" or "Wearable" are one of buzzwords, so many people might have interests in building hardware products. But learning how to develop electric circuits, mechanical systems or embedded systems etc. from zero is so difficult. However, iOS developers can contribute to projects of hardware products with the knowledge of Core Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), even if they are not familiar with hardware layer. In this session, he will introduce BTLE, show easy examples of Core Bluetooth, and share knowledges with his experiences developing more than 10 apps for IoT and Wearable products.

- What is Bluetooth Low Energy?
- Basics of Core Bluetooth with an actual product
- Practical Core Bluetooth with specific examples
- Defining GATT
- Defining background behaviors
- Testing without HW prototypes
- Troubleshooting
- App Review



May 26, 2016