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Cheap tricks for startups

Cheap tricks for startups

My talk from Monki Gras 2013 -


Simon Willison

January 31, 2013


  1. Cheap tricks for Startups Lanyrd.com Simon Willison @simonw Monki Gras,

    31st January 2013 http://lanyrd.com/sccqcy
  2. Early-stage startup engineering is different

  3. What are the quickest tools to build that provide the

    most value?
  4. Cheap experimentation

  5. FEATURE_FLAGS = { 'new_maps': 'Uses MapBox rather than Google', 'login_picker':

    '/signin/ page with picker', 'login_linkedin': 'Sign in with LinkedIn', # ... }
  6. @login_required @flag_required('topic_tracking') def topic_track(request, slug): topic = get_object_or_404(Topic, slug=slug) #

    ... if user.has_flag('topic_enhancements'): # ...
  7. <div class="secondary"> {% flag topic_tracking %} <div class="icon-feature feature-topic"> <em

    class="title">Keep exploring</em> <p class="med"><a href="/topics/"> Browse and track events by&nbsp;topic</a></p> </div> {% flagactive topic_tracking %} BETA ONLY {% endflagactive %} {% endflag %} <!-- ... --> </div>
  8. Feature flags apply to individual users and/or user tags, e.g.

    alpha, beta, lanyrd-team
  9. “preview” tag controls flags available on private preview.lanyrd.com (for testing

    logged-out features)
  10. Feature flags help keep trunk deployable

  11. Cheap deployment

  12. $ fab e:live deploy $ fab e:staging target:feature/linkedin deploy

  13. None
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  15. Deployment should be... Easy Fast Cheap

  16. Everyone deploys on their first day!

  17. Read only mode

  18. MySQL on EC2 PostgreSQL on SoftLayer with no downtime http://lanyrd.com/blog/2012/lanyrds-big-move/

  19. Cheap analytics

  20. The History table

  21. Internal metrics • created_at field on EVERY table, no exceptions

    • Makes building graphs of site growth trivial • updated_at useful but not essential
  22. Our report system • Reports are arbitrary calculations • Run

    daily by cron • Backfill available on date-field based reports • Points are stored in the database • Site can graph any report • We can export any report to a spreadsheet
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  24. Cheap tricks Feature flags Read only mode History table Daily

    calculated reports http://lanyrd.com/sccqcy
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