Instant serverless APIs, powered by SQLite

Instant serverless APIs, powered by SQLite

Serverless computing is all about paying only for what you use: it can scale up to handle millions of requests, but it can also scale down to 0, costing you nothing if your application is not receiving any traffic.

Serverless tends to get expensive when databases are involved.... but if your data is static or changes infrequently, you can use serverless tools to provide powerful interactive APIs extremely cheaply.

Datasette is an open-source Python tool that provides an instant, read-only JSON API for any SQLite database. It also provides tools for packaging the database up as a Docker container and instantly deploying that container to a number of different serverless hosting platforms.

This makes it a powerful tool for sharing interesting data online, in a way that allows users to both explore that data themselves and build their own interpretations of the data using the Datasette JSON API.

In this session I'll show you how to use Datasette to publish data, and illustrate examples of the exciting things people have already built using the tool - including a number of real-world data journalism projects.

Presented at PyCon US 2019


Simon Willison

May 04, 2019