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The Architecture of StackOverflow - Developer Conference 2013

The Architecture of StackOverflow - Developer Conference 2013

Slides of the "Architecture of StackOverflow" talk given at Developer Conference 2013

Marco Cecconi

November 07, 2013

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  1. 560,072,448  pageviews  in  the  last  30  days*      

    (~100%  growth  year  over  year)   *source: Quantcast
  2. web servers load balancers redis search database http(s) http rest

    http protobuf sql sql protobuf tag engine
  3. Few projects :-) Few lines of code :-) Awesome community

    to help :-D Eeek! very few tests :-S
  4. Network Level Caches (Browser, CDN, etc.) Server Level Cache (HttpRuntime.Cache)

    Site Level Cache (Redis) SQL Server Database Cache (384 gigs of RAM!) Solid State Disk