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Brewfactory full-stack homebrew 2/2

Peter Marton
November 17, 2014

Brewfactory full-stack homebrew 2/2

My presentation on the Prezi Tech Talks meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Prezi-Tech-Talks/events/208008902/

"An IT engineer and a med student walks in to a bar. They get disappointed by the corn infested MegaBrews, so comes the motivation to put up a fight."

Brewfactory's story about their IoT brewing machine: Node.js, SparkCore, MongoDB, React, Flux.

The second half of the presentation introduces some Isomorphic JavaScript principles.

Lear more about Brewfactory: http://brewfactory.com

Peter Marton

November 17, 2014

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  1. Hardware parts - digital temp. sensor - DS18B20 (1-Wire) -

    heating elements - PWM (pulse-width modulation) - Relay (solid state) - controller - PID
  2. Internet of things: IoT - internet connected - communicate with

    each other - from $10 - easy to program
  3. IoT device: RaspberryPi - credit-card sized - linux - usb

    ports - ethernet - NO built-in Wi-Fi - any languages
  4. JavaScript everywhere 2007 2014 HW Microcontroller IoT devices from $10

    Control HW C, C++ Node.js: Johnny-Five, Tessel Web server .net, Java, PHP Node.js Database SQL MongoDB: JS API WebUI JavaScript: jQuery JavaScript: SPA (React, Angular etc.)
  5. BrewUI - React app with Flux - CommonJS (Node style)

    - Webpack (~Browserify) - npm module - https://github.com/BrewUI
  6. React - JS library - can be the view in

    MVC (model, view, controller) - renders on both client and server side - virtual DOM
  7. Single page applications (SPA) Pros - fast and smooth -

    less bandwidth Cons - SEO (without JS) - first load is heavy - needs more battery
  8. Isomorphic JavaScript Pros - server render: works without JavaScript -

    client render: power of SPA - code share - save energy on mobiles