Don't Leave Cash in the Cart: Build a Payment Experience that Converts

Don't Leave Cash in the Cart: Build a Payment Experience that Converts

Presented this iteration of this Heartland eCommerce presentation at the Internet Merchants Association's sessions during ASD Market Week, July 31, 2016.

Converting shoppers into buyers is a crucial step for any eCommerce merchant. A payment form's capabilities, technology, and user experience all play a part in making the process of checking out as easy and streamlined as possible for customers. Walk through my team's findings as we build a better payment experience for our merchants and their customers.


Shane Logsdon

July 31, 2016


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    Don’t Leave Cash in the Cart… Build a Payment Experience

    that Converts Shane Logsdon Software Developer July 31, 2016
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    About Me ©2015 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. 2 Software Developer

    at Heartland Email:
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    Today’s Agenda § Establishing Goals § Assess What Exists §

    Iterate Often § Putting it all together ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. 4
  4. 6.

    Goals to Target Each Iteration Keep These Goals in Mind

    With Each Change: § Converts more shoppers into buyers § Reduces friction & creates speedier checkout § Increases payment security while reducing PCI-DSS scope § Keeps the experience beautiful & intuitive § Encourages repeat purchases § Reduces cart abandonment ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. 6
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    Classic Payment Form ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. 8 §

    Card Type can be detected § Don’t bother with card name § No description of CVV § Why is the expiration wrapped? § Why is 2010 the default? § No card logos / trust logos § No required field indicators Classic Form Issues
  6. 9.

    Payment Form Iteration 1 (Visual) ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

    9 § Added card logos § Removed “Card Type” § Removed “Name on Card” § Corrected Expiration Year
  7. 10.

    Payment Form Iteration 2 (Not Visual) ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems,

    Inc. 10 § Added single-use tokenization § Added Advanced Fraud services § Changed field names to standard § Changed field types for mobile
  8. 12.

    Payment Form Iteration 3 (Visual) ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

    12 § Styled fields & added placeholder / required ind. § Added Trust Shield § Added card type detection § Added CVV display (changes on type detection)
  9. 13.

    Payment Form Iteration 4 (Visual) ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

    13 § Added card saving option for logged in users § Added manage card functionality § Added easy card selection for logged in users
  10. 14.

    Payment Form Iteration 5 (Visual) ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

    14 § Added PayPal as method of payment § Added MasterPass as a method of payment
  11. 16.

    Not All Checkout Forms Are Created Equal § Assess your

    current situation § Iterate and solicit feedback often § Measure success with each iteration § Not all payment experiences are equal § Use an auto-updating plugin ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. 16
  12. 17.

    Additional Best Practices § Make Checkout as Guest your default

    § Remove the coupon option if you don’t have active coupons § Add trust badges / logos § Make sure your site is mobile friendly § Make your customer service contact simple § Show Reviews & Testimonials ©2016 Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. 17