Lessons Learned: Launching 2 Web Apps in 1 Year

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December 31, 2013

Lessons Learned: Launching 2 Web Apps in 1 Year

Learn from our mistakes (and achievements) experienced while building and launching our two analytics SaaS products: HookFeed and Minimalytics.


Small HQ

December 31, 2013


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    DON’T: Get Comfortable You have one goal: Build a product

    people will pay for. ! Your time is limited… Don’t waste any of it.
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    DO: Assume Year 1 Rev. == $0 You’ll Build it.

    They’ll Come. You’ll get Filthy Rich. ! Wrong. It takes time and effort to lock in recurring revenue. Be realistic and expand your runway.
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    DON’T: Overthink Design Product changes daily Your design from today

    won’t be there tomorrow. ! Save your money And find a designer willing to design a style guide to set your direction.
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    DO: Skype with Your Heroes They’re people just like you.

    And they love helping others. As long as they believe you’re willing to listen and learn. ! Reach out on Twitter. Make it about them. Make them feel awesome.
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    DON’T: Get Distracted by Clients Client work tends to get

    in the way of product work. Don’t Let It. ! Look out for red flags, charge 5x your normal rates, and try to productize your consulting.
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    DO: Accept Client Work You want to live in a

    world where you can work on your own projects 24/7. But you’re not there yet. ! Don’t turn away a good client gig… But stay focused on product.
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    DON’T: Build 2+ Products One software product is enough work

    to build, let alone market. ! You can’t be distracted by building two different products. You think it’ll be easy for you. It won’t be. Trust me.
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    DO: Market 2 Related Products As you build your list

    of beta testers, you should be cross-promoting a second, related product to the same audience. ! It costs you nothing, and gives you options.
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    DON’T: Listen to Popular Advice Common advice is common because

    it is how most people believe you should react to events. ! Nothing about what you’re doing is common. So be careful who you listen to…
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    DO: Listen to Other Entrepreneurs Seek out a support group,

    a chat room, a forum. Any place you’re surrounded by others doing what you want to be doing. ! Ask for advice. Learn from those more experienced than you.
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    DON’T: Let Your Health Suffer Create your minimum viable workout.

    ! Do it. Every. Single. Day. At a bare minimum, go for a walk or stretch/meditate for 30 minutes. ! And eat healthy. You’re only human.
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    DO: Structure Your Days Find your most productive time of

    day. Regularly do your most challenging work during that time. If you work from home, leave. Go to a coffee shop. Go for a walk. ! Enjoy your freedom.
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    DO: Ask Me Anything I love helping other entrepreneurs. Find

    me on Twitter: @SDMattG I’m Matt Goldman. I started Small HQ with my girlfriend and we run two analytics products: HookFeed and Minimalytics.