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LocalSocial for Retail

LocalSocial for Retail

Brief overview of how LocalSocial's Proximity Platform can be used to power in-store engagements and insights for retailers.

Sean O Sullivan

August 11, 2014

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  1. Sean O Sullivan twitter: @sos100 blog: blog.mylocalsocial.com 1 In-Store Engagement

    Platform twitter: @localsocial
  2. 2 LocalSocial In-store engagement platform for Retailers, Merchants and Venue

  3. 3 LocalSocial makes it easy to connect with visitors when

    they are near premise or on premise
  4. 4 Bridge The Physical…

  5. 5 …and the Digital

  6. 6

  7. 7

  8. 8

  9. 9 Deep dive Digital Product Cards - connect out for

    deeper information to youtube, twitter, the web
  10. 10 Greetings and Notifications Trigger welcome messages on arrival, after

    a certain dwell time, or after departure
  11. 11 Offers / Promotions Trigger offers in certain areas, or

    make them “unlockable” only if in the store or specific area
  12. 12 Points or Rewards Trigger points for walking in

  13. Have your app react to beacons - and trigger different

    kinds of mobile engagement as user arrives / browses In-store customers on mobile ‣ Welcome messages on arrival to store / entrance ‣ Triggers offers in context ‣ Displays digital product information about products near customer ‣ Unlock points “just for being there” ‣ Analytics for Merchants 13
  14. Contextual Product Information Digital Product Cards for “what’s near” -

    plus, Greetings, Offers, Walk-in Points, more++
  15. Fully White Label Ready Can create a white label version

    of LocalSocial App, or “LocalSocial power” your app
  16. Soup to Nuts: Apps, Libraries, API, Cloud CMS, Beacons Product

    Overview ‣ Cloud CMS • Manage Locations / Shops, Welcome Messages, Loyalty Schemes, In- Store Offers, Product Cards, beacons, analytics ‣ Dev Platform • Mobile Libraries (iOS and Android), APIs, Documentation, Template Apps - everything you need to roll your own solution ‣ Apps • iOS and Android Apps - available to be white labelled (download from Play or iTunes to try them out) ‣ Beacons • We provide our own retail-class, production-ready beacons • Also support 8+ 3rd party Beacon Manufacturers
  17. + Use LocalSocial Library in your app Configure Locations, Offers,

    Loyalty and more online Install Beacons Deploy, promote, measure 1 2 3 4 Push / Pull Development Platform
  18. Apps iOS and Android, white label ready

  19. The hardware that makes the magic happen :-) Beacons 19

    iBeacons Beacons Apple call their BLE Beacons iBeacons. Many have started to refer to all BLE Beacons as iBeacons. We just say Beacons. Small, battery-powered, low cost. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons can power a wide range of proximity scenarios. LocalSocial and 3rd Party Beacons We supply own-brand production-ready beacons for Retail Deployment. Platform also works with Beacons from several manufacturers. This gives you flexibility.
  20. Retail / Wholesale Options for mobile engagement

  21. Several places across retail where mobile engagement may make sense

    Engagement Options 21 Entrances Opportunity to greet on arrival lto stort, as well as to remind about Offers, Specials, or Order Status (e.g. pick ups) In store - mark out specific zones ! - Greetings at individual retail areas or concessions within areas - Offers that only unlock “right here” - Points “just for being here” - Digital product information for products nearby, or behind glass - Analytics for all the above. Eat / Drink Similar to retail, but instead focused on contextual offers relevant to te specific bar or eating area where the customer is situated. Waiting May be options to trigger specific messages, or offers based on waiting area.
  22. 22 How does it work? Place Beacons at specific areas

    within retail spaces Customer with App sees greeting, or award, or offer at that space
  23. Offers re-order as you walk - so nearest to you

    lights up and sits on top “under your thumb”
  24. Can create “zones” - and have them re-order based on

    nearest (women’s area lights up, as user is in it)
  25. In-store location and the customer journey Journey and Context Arrival

    Welcome / Greeting. Personal concierge (“whisk away”). Alert to staff member. Departure Thanks. “by the way…”, RAOK. Find / Browse Self-service on phone - “how can we help today?”. “Let us come to you”. Insertion point for relevant information, offer, or reminder. Here to pick something up? Timer for being dealt with. Partner brands? Here for Action Pick up. Queue jump. Get service with reduced friction, uncertainty. 1 2 3 4
  26. 26 Merchant analytics eCommerce style analytics for your real-world store

  27. 100 of the top 100 US retailers : trials or

    deployments now Momentum… 27
  28. References / Background LinkedIn twitter Blog Profile for Sean O

    Sullivan is here @localsocial (Company) and and @sos100 (Sean O Sullivan) Everything retail / Proximity and beacon based covered at blog.mylocalsocial.com
  29. Sean O Sullivan twitter: @sos100 blog: blog.mylocalsocial.com 29 Retail In-store

    Engagement platform