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Day1-1200-LT-Group Activity In Kakegawa

September 01, 2017

Day1-1200-LT-Group Activity In Kakegawa

Friday Lightning talk, Main hall



September 01, 2017

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  1. OpenStreetMap KAKEGAWA  Activity since April 2016  Active Mappers

    8 persons :Age 68±17 Kohki Hiraga@ OpenStreetMap 3 Kakegawa , Shizuoka, Japan Mission : Upload Local OSM Data
  2. Why did we start OSM activity ? Kohki Hiraga@ OpenStreetMap

    4 What can be done with the Senior team ?
  3. A Great Japanese Cartographer 5 Inoh Tadataka (1745~1818) He is

    known for completing the first map of Japan created using modern surveying techniques. Wikipedia How to live a life after retirement Lifelong learning Continuous effort
  4. OpenStreetMap KAKEGAWA 1st Year Contributions 7 670 km2 land Area

    (5 Cities) >150,000 Buildings >50,000 Mapillary Photos Mapping Uploaded: Many a little drop of water makes an ocean