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DevOps: the Data and the Myths

DevOps: the Data and the Myths

Delivered at Red Hat Summit / DevNation
29 June 2016

Michael Stahnke

June 29, 2016

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  1. Employees in high-performing organizations are 2.2 times more likely to

    recommend their organization as a great place to work.
  2. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you

    do it. Simon Sinek
  3. Pattern 1: 
 Smooth operations • Devs can teach ops

    about agile development practices and ops can help devs understand how their apps will run in production. • This pattern works really well for smaller organizations, but it’s extremely important in this structure to have a common toolchain between dev and ops to facilitate better collaboration. Dev Ops
  4. Pattern 2: 
 Cross-functional team • Consists of devs, testers,

    ops, product owner, etc. • Focused on delivering a single application • Self-sufficient • Optimized for throughput
  5. Pattern 3:
 DevOps team • Consists ideally of devs with

    systems experience, or sysadmins with programming experience • Focused on automating pain points • Responsible for building a platform that allows devs to self-service • Provides a toolchain to enable devs to build, test and deploy their systems • Coaches other teams Dev Ops DevOps
  6. Why

  7. The shortest path to better software Myth #1: 92 There’s

    no direct customer/business value for adopting DevOps Practices
  8. The shortest path to better software Myth #2: 93 There’s

    no significant return on investment in applying DevOps principles to legacy applications
  9. The shortest path to better software Myth #3: 94 DevOps

    only works with ‘unicorn’ companies and not traditional enterprise businesses like ours
  10. The shortest path to better software Myth #4: 95 Improvement

    via DevOps principles requires spare time and people that we simply don’t have
  11. The shortest path to better software Myth #5: 96 We

    have regulatory and compliance requirements that preclude the adoption of DevOps principles
  12. The shortest path to better software Myth #6: 97 We

    don’t have any problems that adopting DevOps principles and practices would fix Be “good at getting better” Move faster Eliminate the most frustrating parts of work
  13. • Drive from culture and org • Optimize for feedback,

    and cycle time • Tools model your process • Measure what matters • Iterate (small batch changes
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