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Bumerang - milestone 3

Bumerang - milestone 3

Milestone 3 presentation by students at the Startup Programming course 2016 at University of Victoria.

Startup Programming course

December 02, 2016

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  1. Someone’s got you covered!

  2. Architecture Client Android 5.0 Basic Material Design Firebase Cloud Messaging

    Server • Tornado Web Server • Heroku Deployment (Staging and live) • TravisCI Continuous Integration • Pytest, Mock • Firebase Cloud Messaging
  3. Pilot Testing What we did Beta Social Media Reddit YYJ-Slack

    Face to face marketing Survey What we learned
  4. Challenges Technical debt (lots of it) Being happy with imperfection

    Getting the app to users … then getting them to use it as intended Users tend to find bugs!
  5. Users

  6. Want to help test Bumerang? Get the download link at

    bumerangapp.com !