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Bumerang - milestone 2

Bumerang - milestone 2

Milestone 2 presentation by students at the Startup Programming course 2016 at University of Victoria.

Startup Programming course

November 04, 2016

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  1. Someone’s got you covered!

  2. What we’ve done since last time UI / UX improved

    Database integration Server side implementation Notifications Pulling content from Facebook Merch Website to direct / inform new users - bumerangapp.paperplane.io
  3. Mentor Responses “Too many things on the navigation menu” -

    Nav bar only has 5 things “Timely Responses” - Notification implemented so users are instantly notified when someone's got them covered “How will people find each other” - Users will soon see each other's Facebook profile pictures “Looking for trends and auto filling” - Analytics have been implemented to measure trends to spearhead autofilling “Facebook friends of friends” - Beta “Posting on Craiglist / Kijij” -These platforms are more buying/selling driven and not applicable to our app “Looking into other ‘sharing’ communities” -Some online communities exist e.g Whistler Mountain Bike buy/sell/swap and ‘Victoria Women’s clothing swap’ - These Facebook groups are private and thus if you were travelling to these locations couldn’t access these communities. “Safety of user’s items” - User’s will have each other’s phone numbers and Facebook profiles.
  4. Delegation Front-end Brady: Notifications, UI Conner: Website, Analytics Charlotte: Data

    Integration! Daniel: Facebook integration, UI Mavis: UI / UX Back-end Charlotte: Endpoints, Database Integration Tyler: Database Structure, Notifications, Testing Framework, Endpoints Challenges What was easy? Found a rhythm for general development Agreeing on milestones Finding supportive technology What was hard? Data Integration Third party integration with Firebase Cloud Messaging Android
  5. Beta Chat system - Implemented via Firebase Cloud Messaging Attaching

    photo to request Further Karma Ratings and Create Visceral Rewards Location based Matchmaking UI Improvement