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SignCoach (formerly SignTalker) - milestone 2

SignCoach (formerly SignTalker) - milestone 2

Milestone 2 presentation by students at the Startup Programming course 2016 at University of Victoria.

Startup Programming course

November 04, 2016

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  1. Amanda Dash, Nora Huang, Dany Cabrera, Tristan Partridge and Maria

    Ferman Milestone 2 SignCoach 1
  2. Introduction We are developing an Educational Android Application to help

    users learn American Sign Language Spelling using Computer Vision. SignCoach 2
  3. 3 Users’ Feedback: - Susanne Harnden - Island Deaf +

    Hard of Hearing Centre - Nigel Howard - UVIC ASL Professor - Jen Moxam - Member of the UVIC ASL club Why did we change?
  4. Persona: Susan • Type: UVic student • Role: user •

    Problem: Susan is enrolled in ASL 100, and she would love to have an ASL education tool in her mobile phone to study and have an automatic feedback on whether she is right. 4
  5. 5

  6. Mock UI (Interactive prototype) 6 https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/S49501VVU#/screens/201079137

  7. Overall Progress • Trained and can use Haar cascade classifiers

    to identify signs (Amanda, Nora) • Mock UI for App (Maria, Dany) • Basic NDK C++ integration(Dany) • UI partially implemented (Tristan) • Companion website and APK host (Maria) 7
  8. Difficulties • When we pivoted had to scrap all Android

    UI developed • NDK C++ integration issues • Small training dataset for classifiers • Acquiring users 8
  9. Milestone 3a 08/11/2016 Updated Milestones Milestone 3b 18/11/2016 Milestone 3c

    4/12/2016 • Improve training data • Retrain classifiers • Test framework • Fix camera view bug • Teaching and learning work flows • Posting APK to companion website • Refine UI visual aesthetics • Improve accuracy • Fixing bugs • Responding to users feedback • Stretch goals (assisted learning algorithm) • Increase accuracy 9
  10. 10 Make a video doing the ASL Alphabet and you

    can win one [email protected]
  11. Thanks! Any questions? Amanda Dash - [email protected] Nora Huang -

    [email protected] Dany Cabrera - [email protected] Tristan Partridge - [email protected] Maria Ferman - [email protected] ◎ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival 11 SignCoach