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Clubhub - milestone 3

Clubhub - milestone 3

Milestone 3 presentation by students at the Startup Programming course 2016 at University of Victoria.

Startup Programming course

December 02, 2016

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  1. clubhub

  2. clubhub Juan Carlos Gallegos, Brendon Earl, Josh Pearson, Andrew Stocks,

    Kelsey Legault, and Ben Hawker
  3. Product Overview and Motivation Legitimacy Maintainability Visibility Summer needs to

    create an online presence for her club to communicate with potential members and sponsors.
  4. Demo

  5. High-level Architecture Mobile Front-end React Ubuntu Server Back-end PostgreSQL Node.js

    Desktop Unsplash Images Google Maps Web-App
  6. Features Overview MVP - Basic Editor - Sharing Customized Website

    Onboarding - “Edit My New Website!” Toast - Paginated Modals i.e. Intermediate steps Additional Features - Unsplash API integration Pilot Testing Feedback - Tweak section titles and orders - Improved feedback on the save button
  7. Product Challenges Everything...