The Reactive Manifesto

The Reactive Manifesto

Message driven, Fault tolerant, Elastic, Responsive


Stefano Baghino

October 27, 2015


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    Hello! I am Stefano Baghino Software Engineer @ DATABIZ Regular

    Attendee @ MTS I code. Therefore, I introduce bugs.
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    We live in a new world   Billions of users

    are on the Internet at any time   IoT will push the challenge up a notch   The world runs faster than your server
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    Decouple all the things!   Decoupling is the key  

    Loosely coupled components scale well   Loosely coupled components can be more resilient
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    Decouple all the things!   We need a way to

    decouple our components   Asynchronous message passing is ideal   If naturally fits distributed systems
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    A couple of words on the Actor Model   A

    model for concurrent computation   Actors can only react to asynchronous messages   When a message arrives, they can only: 1.  send a message 2.  create a new actor 3.  change their own behaviour
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    The four traits of Reactive Systems 1.  Responsive → React

    to clients 2.  Elastic → React to load 3.  Fault tolerant → React to failure 4.  Message driven → React to stimuli
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    What is the Reactive Manifesto? The Reactive Manifesto is an

    initiative to define a tech agnostic shared vocabulary, to define an architectural pattern for Reactive Systems. It’s not about dogmas, it’s about critical thinking.
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    What is the Reactive Manifesto? Go home, read it. If

    you agree, you can sign it. If you don’t, debate. It’s only good. If you think you can improve it, make a PR.
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    Thanks! Debate time? Or is it pizza? Hey! I’ll be

    a speaker at Codemotion too! Interested in Big Data? I’ll talk about Apache Spark! You can find me at: @stefanobaghino