If I Was King Of The World

If I Was King Of The World


About the talk

A talk about the state of web development these days from two too angry Englishmen. There may be swearing. Sorry.

Rich and Steve will talk about the things people do in HTML, CSS, and JS that make them angry. And why they are bad people because of it. Grr.

About the speakers

Rich Archer is an ex-animator that used to build Flash apps for a living. He learned his mistake and now spends most of his time making web applications that look great and work on as many different devices as possible for Unboxed Consulting. When he's not in front of a screen he'll be out roaming the wilds of Cape Town, tweeting pictures of his dogs.

Steve Barnett is a Front-end Developer at Praekelt: they create mobile experiences for the majority world. He loves Progressive Enhancement, Responsive Web Design, and buildings things that work for everyone, everywhere. When he's not at work, he's usually RailsBridging, Device Labbing, or SPINning. He's on The Twitters as @maxbarners, and writes things and stuff at Naga.


Steve Barnett

October 23, 2014