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re:Invent in Review

re:Invent in Review

Steve Kinney

January 16, 2019

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  1. Some Disclaimers • This is mostly going to be frontend

    focused. • Las Vegas is literally the worst place on the planet. • We're going to start from the most actionable and then head to the more abstract. • I'd much prefer this to be a conversation and not make it all the way through these slides. So, interrupt me as much as you'd like.
  2. The Goal • Architecture is working on documentation that bridges

    the larger technology strategy to tactical things that each team can do. • My ask: as we discuss some of these technologies, you think about what problems can we solve for ourselves.
  3. CloudFront Origin Failover • For a while, supporting multi-region has

    been a "to-do" item in that shared blueprint. • If one region fails, CloudFront will automatically fall back to the second one. • We could set up cross-region republication on the buckets, so that they're always in sync. • Bad news: last time we checked, Terraform support hand't landed yet.
  4. Using WebSocket with CloudFront Distributions • There is also support

    from API Gateway for WebSockets. • This one is more of a two-part plan, since we'll need to have some support on the server-side. • But, for some of the asynchronous APIs this could very-well be a pattern that we choose to advocate for.
  5. Not New, But Still Important • Implementing a shared solution

    to our client-side routing issues. • "Measure twice, cut once." • We don't have to • Fixing out security headers as a pattern. • Moving stuff out of the client. • "A bit of backends for frontends."
  6. Some Use Cases • Redirecting in the event that the

    cookie isn't valid. • Moving our expensive code (e.g. parsing modules) out of the client when possible
  7. Where Do We Need to Focus • We're going to

    need to up our Terraform chops • Steven's guide to Terraform • "Ephmeral-ish" environments for mutli-team monorepos (e.g. Mako and MC)
  8. Recommended Reading • Cloudfront Origin Failover • Documentation • Using

    WebSocket with CloudFront Distributions • Managing Lambda@Edge and CloudFront deployments by using a CI/CD pipeline • Leveraging Lambda@Edge for AdTech: Cookie Syncing at the Edge
  9. Recommended Reading (Continued) • Dynamically Route Viewer Requests to Any

    Origin Using Lambda@Edge • Adding HTTP Security Headers Using Lambda@Edge and Amazon CloudFront • Resizing Images with Amazon CloudFront & Lambda@Edge | AWS CDN Blog • Lambda@Edge Design Best Practices
  10. Recommended Reading (Continued, continued) • Reducing Latency and Shifting Compute

    to the Edge with Lambda@Edge • Serving Private Content Using Amazon CloudFront & AWS Lambda@Edge • Global Data Ingestion with Amazon CloudFront and Lambda@Edge • Building a Serverless Subscription Service using Lambda@Edge