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Spark: An introduction to Arduino

Spark: An introduction to Arduino

A brief description of the world of Arduino, and some basic examples of Arduino code.

Presented at the Cantina Spark session, July 15, 2015.


George White

July 15, 2015

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  1. An introduction to Arduino

  2. Arduino is hardware

  3. Arduino is software

  4. Arduino is a family

  5. Arduino is an ecosystem

  6. Arduino is a platform

  7. Arduino anatomy Finding your way around the UNO R3

  8. Digital Pins (some with PWM) Analog Pins ICSP Programming Pins

    ATMega328P microcontroller Reset Button USB port Power jack Power Pins
  9. Digital pins

  10. Pulse-width Modulation

  11. Analog pins

  12. Programming Arduino Stuff you’ll need

  13. To get started, you need— • An Arduino ◦ Start

    with an UNO R3 • A USB A-to-B cable • The Arduino IDE ◦ http://ardunio.cc/downloads ◦ Get the latest version (right now, that’s 1.6.5)
  14. The bare bones sketch The simplest, most do-nothing program

  15. None
  16. Blinking an LED Hardware “Hello World”

  17. None
  18. A simple sensor Using a button

  19. None
  20. Reading an analog sensor Use the force, Luke

  21. None
  22. Learning more about Arduino • http://arduino.cc • Getting Started with

    Arduino • http://learn.adafruit.com • http://codebender.cc • Many, many resources on the web!
  23. https://gist.github.com/stonehippo/73c9a4cd84f575a3e128 Code from this deck

  24. That’s it! Go hack some hardware!