Crafting A Talk

Crafting A Talk

How do you go about writing a talk? How do you go about learning to write a talk? What are the skills involved? What's the process from taking an urge to say something all the way through to giving the talk to an audience? What happens afterwards?

I've been writing and delivering talks since 1996. Some are public presentations like the talk today, but most are private - whether an in-house pitch, pre-sales, or delivering training. And recently I was asked - how do you do it? So that's what I'm going to share.

I'm going to take you through the process of writing a talk. More specifically, I'm going to take you through my process. I'll show you how I go about it, and all the things I'm considering when crafting a talk.

I'll share 3 specific things that you can go away and do to help you craft your own talks. And, hopefully, I'll give you the confidence that you can do this too.

Presented at the inaugural Freenode Live conference, Bristol, UK, 29th October 2017.


Stuart Herbert

October 29, 2017