Automate, Automate, AUTOMATE!

Automate, Automate, AUTOMATE!

Since the advent of cloud computing, the economics of software development have fundamentally shifted. Today, for many projects of all sizes, the single biggest cost is the time it takes to create and ship new products and new features. The quicker we can ship, the more productive we can be - and automation can help you with that.

In this talk, Stuart will walk through a complete software development workflow. At each step of the way, he'll look at what can be automated, what the options are, and what the trade-offs are. There'll be a few war stories sprinkled in from nearly a quarter of a century of software development. Finally, we'll discuss your own experiences with automation, and see just how much further you want to take automation in your own organisations.

Presented at @sheffieldphp, 19th July 2018.


Stuart Herbert

July 19, 2018